Our Story


First off, this is all Stephanie's fault. She loved being a New York art director but she finally jumped behind the lens in 2000 and never looked back. Working in a production setting for a worldwide magazine, required her to be on-set and in-studio not only for photography sessions but also filming locations. She loved every minute of it!

After many rewarding years, in 2006, Stephanie wanted to focus on her craft at her pace, so she decided to concentrate on the joy and love surrounding weddings and engagements. Stephanie, along with her husband Tim, opened their first studio near Kansas City. After that success and they rapidly outgrew it, and in 2009, expanded by opening a second location in the Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina area, to focus on beach weddings, coastal portraiture and their workshops for new photographers. (Wrightsville Beach was voted one of the World's Best Surf Towns by National Geographic) The Atlantic Ocean was a perfect backdrop, with pristine white beaches, warm turquoise surf, and the incredible vista's at sunrise and sunset made this a favorite location of theirs to this day.

In 2016, Stephanie and Tim decided to it was time to expand yet again.  This time, it was to provide a concierge level of service to an ever growing list of clients and accomplish this by mobilizing and coming to them.  This new studio is a fully equipped, customized and branded motor coach that allows Stephanie to travel and work on-site throughout North America. Wherever the location is and the dream of our clients are - we're there!   We are now bicoastal and enjoying the people and beauty of California in Bodega Bay.  We look forward to adding to our family on this coast as well as the East.

Feel free to follow our journey and join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Who knows, we may be driving through your town next or see you on the highway! Honk and wave if you see us. #WLYOV :) 

Team Stephanie
IG: StephanieMoore
#WLYOV (Work Like You're On Vacation)